Would you rather:

spend $9 million for 19,000 airings across 135 networks, or spend $22 million for 12,000 airings across 39 networks?

Mass media, minor budget.

Research shows consumer viewing habits are more fragmented than ever. That’s why a successful television media strategy is so much more robust than national broadcast and top cable. They need to meet consumers in more places, more frequently—and with greater conversion. And when you’re partnering with Marketing Architects®, that explosive reach is achieved with a smaller budget. That’s mass marketing, done smarter.

The 80/20 revelation

Here’s an alarming fact: standard industry verification showed 80% of actual direct response airings are placed on only 20% of the available intersections! Most agencies keep fighting over the same small piece of audience real estate. Why? Because top networks are the ‘easy button’ for agency media buyers. The resources and time required for them to buy and plan thousands of lesser-known intersections is either cost prohibitive or just too much work. Why should that matter to you? The basic law of supply and demand: that popular 20% continues to go up in price, making it a less efficient media buy. 

The 80/20 insight gave us 20/20 vision.

We knew that if we could harness the power of this colossal, underutilized market for consumer engagement, it would immediately benefit our clients. So we developed deep relationships with more than 1,000 handpicked networks and stations. Then we built tools that transformed this diverse collection of intersections into our seamless Infinity Network.

But how do you effectively manage thousands of daily interactions in a network that’s ten times bigger than what the world has ever seen? We turned to our successful AI radio platform - the only comprehensive, programmatic buying and optimization platform in the industry. Capable of planning, buying, and optimizing over 5,000 stations across 110,000 dayparts, our platform goes beyond the obvious targets and leverages the entire TV universe.

Diversity = profitability.

Because we leverage the broader spectrum of television, we negotiate from a place of strength, accessing the best rates possible. Even better, the diverse station mix reaches more of your audience, builds your brand, and extends creative performance. Click here to learn more.

Timeless conversion triggers. Next-gen technology. 

With 20 years of proven conversion strategies in our back pocket, we know that the triggers motivating consumers are timeless. The methods for engaging them, however, are evolving daily. This is why we’ve invested so heavily to create next-generation phone, text, and chat platforms that consumers love and marketers depend on. But we don’t stop there. We tailor every conversion solution to work seamlessly with your media strategy and creative messaging. From the first point of contact to the final point of sale, your customer has a cohesive experience every time.

Campaign clarity. Around the clock.

Draft your wish list of campaign analytics and it’d probably look a lot like ours: a healthy dose of transparency, a real-time reporting feed, and a mountain of data that you can serve up by market, performance, spend, and more. Plus, our data scientists pore over your results, identifying actionable insights to steer your campaign into deeper profitability.


Yes, creative is expensive. Just not for you.

When you begin your campaign with a $1 million invoice for two thirty-second spots, it’s a long road to profitability, or worse yet, it can keep you from diving into television altogether. For that reason, we cover the entire cost of production. Providing world-class creative without a major hit to your bottom line is just one of the ways we offer millions more in savings to your campaign.

Getting started.

Because we invest so heavily in our clients’ television success, we pick our partners carefully. If you’re an industry leader or a category innovator needing wider reach, accountable marketing and seamless customer engagement, let’s talk. This could be the start of something beautiful. Click here to learn more.

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