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Scale a Campaign to Direct Response TV — Without Breaking the Bank test t

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In direct response marketing, it’s all about testing and optimizing results. We test creative and conversion concepts, and we test media intersections, all leading to identifying which creative and media work best together. You name it, we test it. But have you ever disregarded television because of the high cost of testing on that platform?

It doesn’t have to be that way. I say, why limit the expansion of your brand and your market just because you don’t have the resources to develop testing through television? Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you enter the TV landscape without any testing. (I do work at Marketing Architects, after all. We perfected DR testing.)

So what am I suggesting? Radio.

Radio is a highly effective testing vehicle for scaling a campaign to TV. You can zero in on your target audience much more efficiently than in television. Best of all, that radio data translates to TV extremely well, which means you get virtually the same end result for far less spend.

Radio also helps ensure you have all your resources and tactics perfected, ready for that jump to TV. Radio is all about getting prepared: confirming hypotheses, ironing out strategies, nailing the offer, targeting the right audiences, and perfecting creative, back-end operations and conversion ratios.

At Marketing Architects, every one of these services is under one roof. That means we are able to make decisions and optimize in a fraction of the time it takes other companies that outsource the creative, the call centers and the media decisions.

Once you have proven the concepts and tactics in radio — generally 60 to 90 days — you have the necessary components to put together a TV spot. You can’t completely avoid testing in TV, but you can fast-forward the process by leveraging what you’ve learned from radio. Based on radio testing, you have your best creative concept at work and your target audience identified and based on your first month’s results in TV, you have known media intersections that you can scale. And then you’re off to the races.

Paul Jackson

By Paul Jackson

Chief Media Officer

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