Finally. TV campaigns as responsive as your business.

Rapid Response TV helps brands get on TV faster, smarter and with far less cost.

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Rapid Response TV

TV is a transformative channel with the power to propel your business through headwinds, and deliver value to customers searching for solutions. And with extraordinary viewership numbers and a rapid increase in online ordering, this is a historic opportunity for TV advertisers.

To aid business growth during this time, we’re launching Rapid Response TV. This new offering enables brands to access the power of TV at a fraction of the traditional cost and time.


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Watch Rapid Response TV in Action

Watch this quick overview to see exactly what Rapid Response TV can do for your business.

Rapid Response TV

How It Works

NO COST creative and production.

In a matter of weeks, a team of world-class creatives will concept and produce new commercials that will be pretested before airing to ensure you’re delivering the right message.

No Cost TV Creative and Production

ACCESS TO Annika, our AI-media buying platform.

Annika is uniquely designed to successfully navigate today’s volatile market with precision and speed, enabling you to capitalize on current market conditions.

No Cost TV Creative and Production

NO COST conversion technology.

You'll access tech designed to monetize more leads and activate the most engaged consumer audience in history to your brand’s offering.

No Cost TV Creative and Production

NO COST attribution modeling.

We will provide micro and macro analysis to track your business acceleration and audience impact in this changing market.

No Cost TV Creative and Production

Get Started

Let’s get you on air and in front of your customers in days, not weeks. Our executive team will connect with yours to brief you on this opportunity. Heather, our Director of Business Development, is handling inquiries during this time.

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Rapid Response TV

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