Why radio?

Here's some shocking data for marketers looking to acquire more customers.  Radio is the most consumed media channel in the U.S.  More than TV, print and online!  Radio has earned the bragging rights of being named "America's #1 Reach Medium," at a whopping 94%.  That's 247 million weekly listeners.

Radio's dominance doesn't stop there. It also reaches the most affluent audience of any media. In fact, 93% of radio's listeners are considered upscale.

Better reach to customers who have money to spend....radio is a no-brainer, right? Well, it's not that easy. Getting customers to hear your radio ad is one thing. Getting them to buy from radio is a completely different challenge. You need a team of people who can make radio work turnkey for your campaign.

That's where we come in.


radio-recording.jpgWhy Marketing Architects?

We've spent 20 years delivering bottom-line results for top-shelf brands by transforming radio advertising into a highly responsive channel. We're at the forefront of disruptions flowing through the radio industry and are navigating those changes for our clients advantage. 

Marketers budgets have been picked to death by ridiculous agency fees. We believe that's simply wrong. We've eliminated service fees completely while adding services no other agency in America can offer, making us the leading choice for accountable radio marketing. Our suite of solutions drives unparalleled scale and performance, all fully integrated inside our technologically advanced 30,000-square-foot-facility. Click here to learn more.

Radio is radically evolving. So are we.

New audio sources are multiplying across the radio landscape, giving consumers more choice than ever before. From local broadcast and network radio to satellite, streaming, podcasts and more, Marketing Architects' media team has the expertise and technological resources to help clients harness the unique power of every audio source. You gain exclusive access to coveted media. 

We broke the mold on traditional planning models years ago.

We've been fully programmatic in our planning since 2007, an objective that's still on the long-term planning cycles of the agencies with which we compete. We support our programmatic technology with data inputs that are not available to media agencies that don't host their own response solutions, or don't fully leverage the technology powering the industry today.

What's the sound of great radio today?

Our creative awards keep piling up for our seasoned, in-house creative team. But far more importantly than the 100,000+ productions that we've scripted, produced and measured, is our ability to use that data to provide breakthroughs for new and existing clients. The result is accelerated growth rates of their businesses. Click here to learn more.

Convert engagement to sales through next-generation technology.

We don't just help get response, we help manage it.  We lead the entire advertising industry in providing proprietary hosted platforms that seamlessly connect you with your customer. These solutions tackle the most difficult challenges in direct response: attribution, measurement and response conversion. We marry digital response mechanisms with traditional radio broadcasts, bridging the gap of accountability and measurement that had been missing.

How do clients get started?

We didn't set out to develop the standard by which the industry measures great radio performance. We got there by partnering with our premier clients to solve problems in sustainable ways that have evolved to what we can offer today. Our goal is to customize a powerful radio approach for each client's unique business needs.

Accountable marketers know the best way to learn is to TEST at low risk. We understand your need to prove the value we can offer. As a result, we structure month-to-month pilot programs to help new clients get started. Click here to learn more.

Are you ready to crush the competition?

Our business model is to partner with leading or up-and-coming future category leaders. We protect our clients' business results as if they were our own, helping them to win in the marketplace against all competitors. Since we run only strictly accountable campaigns, we possess an extensive history of helping our clients gain and sustain category leadership. Click here to learn more.

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