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Ryan Kinkaid

VP Creative

Travelers are drawn to the chasm between ordinary and the unknown - and they’re not afraid to leap. That’s probably why Ryan ended up at Marketing Architects.

Let’s elaborate.

After a stint in public relations, Ryan wanted a change so he joined the Peace Corps. During his service, he learned to see the world through other people’s eyes and walk in their shoes. It was the beginning of a passion that would shape his life.

From Turkey to Haiti and all points in between, each new stamp in Ryan’s passport signified a fresh way of seeing the world. It’s those experiences that shaped him into a better writer, photographer, and developer of creative strategies.

Finding Marketing Architects, he discovered a place to put these abilities to good use. Step into the shoes of an elderly woman with limited mobility? No problem. Live inside the mind of a man overwhelmed by debt? Easy peasy. Becoming the demographic has allowed him to craft authentic marketing campaigns that have resonated in TV, radio and online.

When he’s not in Minneapolis, he and his wife could be anywhere. Whether they’re chasing arctic foxes in Iceland or drinking ca phe chon (err…weasel poop coffee) in Vietnam, it’s pretty likely Ryan is bringing home something more meaningful than a keychain.