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Rob DeMars

Chief Creative Officer

Rob was an awkward kid. He did magic tricks. And watched enough episodes of Knight Rider to earn him a trip to the family therapist.

Enough said.

It was clear at an early age that Rob was destined for either a career super-sizing value meals or being a creative executive in advertising.

At the University of Minnesota, Rob found his runway working as a copywriter for the Minnesota Daily, where his print ads received national recognition. His next stop was at the largest advertising agency in Minneapolis, Campbell Mithun, where his work in television and radio earned him the youngest vice presidency in the company’s history. Over the course of eight years, his clients ranged from cellular to cereal, and included such iconic brands as General Mills, Hostess, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, and Hefty.

In 2004, Rob was approached to join a company called Marketing Architects. After informing the recruiter he wasn’t an architect, he went on to learn that, in fact, this performance marketing agency was looking to build a creative department. Rob accepted the challenge and went on to build an eclectic team of creatives and a production facility that produces more spots in a week than most agencies produce in a year.

At home, Rob enjoys performing card tricks for his wife and kids, and, of course, watching reruns of Knight Rider.