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Rita O’Keeffe


Rita doesn’t just cook her own Chinese food. She crafts authentic Szechuan cuisine, scouring the internet for rare seeds to grow her own Facing Heaven peppers. She doesn’t just garden. For each plant, she learns the Latin name and optimal soil PH level. For Rita, the details aren’t important. They’re everything.

It started early. Growing up, you’d find Rita with her family on the brisk beaches of the Atlantic Coast. With toes in the sand, she read voraciously, getting into heated philosophical debates with loved ones. She was, by the accounts of those around her, as passionate for arguments as she was for the nitty gritty. Going into law was a no-brainer.

Early on, she made her mark at one of the most prestigious law firms in New York. Then, she moved to Minneapolis where she helped leading brands protect their trademarks as an advisor and litigator. She even went out with federal marshals on a raid to confiscate counterfeit luxury watches. 

Fast forward to today, where Rita is a natural fit for Marketing Architects. She leverages her thirst for knowledge by keeping up on the cutting edge of legal developments in marketing, advertising, intellectual property and information technology. She assesses how they impact the agency and our advertisers in every category from education to health to home services.

These days, when she isn’t poring over scripts and legal documents or perfecting Szechuan classics, she’s enjoying quality time with her husband and daughter. She admits, however, that her daughter may be picking up mom’s art of the argument a bit too well.