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Michael Schmitt

VP IT Communications

Do you know what really happens when you call a toll-free number listed on a TV ad? Michael does. No, he’s not the operator that answers your call. He’s the master architect…of the entire telecom solution at Marketing Architects.

But let’s catch you up on a few things first.

Michael’s a builder at heart. As soon as he learned how to walk, he was building things, plugging things in and taking things apart. His natural curiosity of how electronic things work basically stayed with him into adulthood, shaping who he is today.

And who exactly is that?

Well, he’s the guy companies go to when trying to figure out how on earth to find an efficient and cost-effective way to get consumers connected with their products via the phone. And with more than 30 years of call center automation technology wisdom, he sounds like the right guy for that.

Michael has developed and grown the telecom infrastructure at Marketing Architects 500x larger and more robust than it was when he started at the company as a consultant back in 2005. He led the development of Vocé – a one-of-a-kind self-service call-handling solution designed to take the complexity out of perfecting the best caller experience. And he’s constantly making improvements to support his team and the success of the advertising campaigns.

We like to call him a telecom guru.

Sure, Michael’s an ultra-talented developer, but he doesn’t save his building skills strictly for the office. On the weekends, you have a good chance of finding Michael three hours north of the Twin Cities, happily working away building his lovely lake home.