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Melissa Float

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Melissa Hohertz-Foat

VP Marketing

As a red-haired, left-handed, identical twin, there’s a lot about Melissa that makes her unique. But what makes this tech junkie a perfect match for Marketing Architects is her unique drive to conquer new things.

Aside from housing over 40,000 bees at her downtown Minneapolis home, Melissa fixates on martial arts, marathon running, bike commuting, and growth hacking (a.k.a. exponentially growing businesses through rapid experimentation across channels).

In fact, Melissa could be the poster child for growth hacking. From launching the concept of health savings accounts for BNY Mellon – where she created new technology that increased HSA adoption from 4% to 30% – to leading a Best Buy team into the highly profitable world of custom e-commerce solutions, growth hacking is in Melissa’s DNA. 

At Marketing Architects, she leverages intersections of new technology and consumer psychology to pinpoint each advertiser’s optimal omni-channel strategy for explosive scalability and ROI. For a company like Marketing Architects that invests its own money in advertisers’ campaigns, that’s mission critical.

Melissa credits her habit of trying new things for her success, and she’s enthusiastic about helping others form new habits too. Rumor has it that at her last job, she got a group of coworkers into the habit of doing 10 squats together at the top of every hour. And while that habit is something that many at Marketing Architects could get on board with, we’re not suiting up for the bees. No. No.