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Matt Hultgren

VP Analytics

As Matt puts it, he has a weird brain, which he blames on his parents. His dad was a CPA. His mom was a piano teacher. So, in Matt’s childhood home, the languages of math and music merged at their common denominator: patterns. 

From algorithms to musical rhythms, Matt delights in finding the order behind the chaos. He loves playing with patterns in music as a pianist and electronic dance music composer. He loved establishing patterns in his college basketball career (specifically patterns of winning). And he loves identifying patterns in numbers as an analyst. It’s what has made him one of the industry’s leading experts on attribution, and a key architect behind the results program that drives Marketing Architects’ Emotive Solutions Platform.

Matt’s friends make fun of him for his obsession with solving Rubik’s Cubes, but perhaps it’s all that practice at figuring out how to solve challenges faster and faster (his Rubik’s Cube record is 45 seconds) that prepared him to lead Marketing Architects’ analytics team to the cutting edge of technology and innovation.

In his free time, when he’s not pursuing his life goal of memorizing all 60 algorithms for solving any possible Rubik’s Cube scenario that might arise, Matt likes to spend his time going to concerts, playing basketball, and establishing a pattern of beating his dad at golf.