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Katie Scheetz

VP Business Development

If you asked anybody about Katie, they’d tell you she’s a mover and a shaker. And that’s pretty evident if you take a look at everything she’s contributed to Marketing Architects over the years.

It all started with a spark – a desire to help people find solutions that genuinely worked for them.

As the daughter of an entrepreneur, Katie recognized that her desire to build and create was in her DNA. After a year of selling office equipment following college, Katie realized she needed to be somewhere that valued a more consultative sales approach. And somewhere that could serve as a well-tilled garden where she could plant her ideas and watch them grow.

Enter Marketing Architects.

Nowadays, you’ll probably find Katie engaged in friendly conversation with new clients, discussing how they can blow through their business obstacles and start thinking about the untapped potential of TV. Katie’s desire to succeed is evident – she doesn’t celebrate a win unless she’s celebrating it with her clients.

During her tenure, Katie has been involved with some of Marketing Architects’ most formative victories. She was a key player in building the largest, most efficient and profitable radio network in the country, and she helped Stuffies® and HurryCane® become industry tradeshow leaders.

You wouldn’t be wrong if you assumed cultivating new business as well as a loving family of four all at once is hard work. So how does Katie do it? Easy. She asks herself each night, “Did I just exist or did I make a difference today?”