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Jeff Clement

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Jeff Clement

Chief Analytics Officer

Jeff’s proud to be a geek. It’s a good thing, too, because it makes him terrific at his job.

As the Chief Analytics Officer at Marketing Architects, Jeff is quite accustomed to finding the right information and the right insights that will help clients make the best decisions for success. He’s kind of like a MacGyver of the DR industry, able to apply his unique brand of ingenuity across all dimensions of the business.

Jeff’s gift for problem-solving started back in his college years at St. Olaf where he excelled as a math and economics major. He followed up with an MBA from the University of Minnesota. His career began at Fingerhut where he rubbed elbows with another young go-getter, Chuck Hengel. In addition, he played a key Vice President role at Novus Marketing before becoming President of the database modeling division of Paradyze Matera.

In 2002, Jeff reunited with Chuck at Marketing Architects, where he set his focus on building solutions for the agency’s clients. Analytics, Creative, Conversion…Jeff leaves no stone unturned to empower direct response entrepreneurs with the solutions they need for success.

When not solving business problems, he and his wife Becky are spending their days breathing a little easier, now that their four teenagers are grown up and out of the house.