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Courtney Hoefener

VP Talent and Organizational Solutions

How do you become a Vice President while being a full-time Super Mom?

Apparently there are three key secrets, which is fitting for a good advertising story. Courtney sees them as guiding principles. The rest of the company sees them, in her, for what they really are…

Super powers.

Courtney’s first power is unconquerable grit. If there’s a problem Courtney can’t solve, you’ll never know it, because she’ll do whatever it takes to figure it out.  This sheer determination has been a driving force as she’s worn virtually every hat in the company: from Executive Assistant, to retail and product development, to talent services.

Her second super power is her unrivaled level of service. In the gospel according to Courtney, there’s no greater joy than identifying someone’s problem and solving it with grace and compassion. When the agency was in the product business, Courtney took the helm to help build a world-class customer service platform - helping the agency to build HurryCane® into one of the most respected brands in the mobility category.

Her final power is the uncanny ability to manipulate time itself. She will stop time to talk to anyone if they need it. This is because Courtney has discovered that taking the time to make people feel heard and understood creates passionate team members and a stronger sense of unity.

As it turns out, her super powers have applications outside the office as well. She’s known in her family for her power to architect unforgettable family vacations - mixing two parts adventure with one part tradition and a pinch of routine. When she isn’t using her powers for work or vacation, she’s putting them to the ultimate test: raising three boys. Two sons and a husband.