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Chuck Hengel

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

How does a self-proclaimed introvert become CEO? How does a bookworm who’s more comfortable on a bass boat than at a podium inspire an organization running at full steam towards what’s next to come? 

The answer is “Chuck.”

Performance marketing is filled with eclectic entrepreneurs. So when it came time to choose a living, a younger Chuck Hengel became captivated by this renegade industry of inventors and madmen. He had a brain for numbers and one of the country’s largest performance marketers in his own backyard, so he cut his teeth crunching data at Fingerhut. Opportunity continued to knock, and he soon became the youngest partner at the nation’s premier print agency, Novus Print Media.

But entrepreneurs hang shingles. 

So in 1997, Chuck founded Marketing Architects. He drew the name out of a hat, but stuck with it because architects, like entrepreneurs, are all about building.  His vision was a company by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. And his little lemonade stand transformed into one of the fastest growing marketing firms in Minneapolis.

Today Marketing Architects serves dozens of great marketers, from established juggernauts to ground-breaking entrepreneurs ready to become famous. 

Incredibly enough, Chuck still finds time for what’s truly important in life.  His wife Cindy.  His beautiful kids.  And, of course, bass fishing.