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Brent Longval

Chief Financial Officer

Finance people are known for lots of things. Insert joke here.

But Brent’s no ordinary spreadsheet-thirsty numbers guy armed with a scientific calculator and an uncontrollable impulse to balance things. He’s a strategic thought leader. And a charismatic one to boot.

It all began on a basketball court.

His father said, "If you want to be successful on the pine floor, you have to take things one week at a time and success will come." Obviously, father knew best because Brent went on to lead the University of St. Thomas to its first Final Four appearance and is one of only a small handful of players inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame.

Brent followed up his glory days with an equally impressive early career at Arthur Anderson, Pillsbury and Agiliti where he demonstrated the same passion for the balance sheet as he did on the court.

In 2002, Brent decided it was time to join a little company on the rise called Marketing Architects. He was instrumental in establishing vital financial systems and controls during the company’s formative years. But Brent’s strategic vision and contagious attitude seeped throughout the organization.

His role has organically expanded beyond the financial capacity by becoming an influential force in the organization’s direction and growth. Additionally, Brent has become an integral driver in the formation, scaling and divestitures of the Company’s business ventures.

How does Brent play so many roles, including his most important as family man to his wife Lesley and two terrific kids? He follows his dad’s timeless advice and takes it one week at a time.