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Ben Fruehauf

VP Creative

Everything Ben needed to know, he learned riding a motorcycle. Having nothing between you and the highway but two wheels and a roaring engine changes your world view. Trucks tower over you. Cars pass too close. Debris flies by. Not to mention, years of racing, track days and canyon carving while dragging knees, pushing limits and levels of adrenaline. But amid that chaos, Ben finds profound clarity, therapeutic relaxation and hyper focus.

It turns out that this clutter-cutting concentration is also the key to crafting world-class creative, helping Ben turn a tired potato chip campaign into a 40 million dollar new business win, and taking him from a small ad office in Chicago to the big leagues at BBDO NY.

Ben’s love for the open road then took him to every corner of the country. He’s held key leadership positions at Campbell Mithun and Cuneo in Minneapolis and at Civilian in San Diego. Riding through big cities and small towns in every state, Ben discovered what matters most to red-blooded Americans and found a voice to connect with them – a voice he’s used to craft ads ever since.

The opportunity at Marketing Architects, and the quality of life in the Midwest, reminded Ben why Minnesota is the best place to call home. But despite the cold, he’s never giving up his motorcycles. Because despite the occasional chaos, commotion and confusion, you never see a motorcycle parked in front of a therapist’s office.