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Angela Voss

Chief Client Officer

When most people are faced with a challenge, they run as fast as they can the other way, Scooby-Doo style. Angela, on the other hand, races full speed toward it. 

Angela’s definitely someone you want in your court...which is why Marketing Architects is happy to have her here.

She has spent nearly a decade crafting meticulous campaign strategies that have delivered extraordinary ROI for our clients. Her in-depth TV marketing knowledge has not only helped her team overcome industry challenges, but also tenaciously driven profit. Challenges are welcomed and success is demanded. For Angela, it’s just another day.

One might ask how she handles it all so well. Angela’s college basketball career has a lot to do with it. On the court she learned the true meaning of perseverance. When you pair that with her unflinching focus and dogged desire to succeed, it’s easy to understand why she’s good at what she does.

While it’s no secret that Angela’s a fearless leader, not everyone knows she’s also a kid at heart. A day with her three daughters spent playing with rainbow hair chalk, glitter tattoos and dress-up clothes is a day well spent in Angela’s book.