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Aaron Lange


What do you call someone who’s accepted into college at age 15, graduates with a double major and was an expert in web design before the world knew the web existed? 

We call him Aaron Lange. But to say he’s just an overachieving techno guru is selling him short. 

But let’s take a step back. His childhood was steeped in entrepreneurial spirit. One grandfather started a successful taxi company. His dad started a photo lab. An uncle ran an electronics store. In short, his family was a startup incubator decades before Silicon Valley was a thing. And that childhood gave Aaron more business savvy by age 12 than many adults have by age 42.

So what happens when you combine an aptitude for technology with a sixth sense towards opportunity? You get a hacker who can propel companies forward by breaking and retooling technology to meet their ever-changing needs. And that’s why Aaron is a perfect fit as the head of Technology at Marketing Architects.

When he’s not bending software to his will, you can find him at home engrossed in the latest board game with his family or on the court, playing competitive volleyball.

Oh, and don’t even get him started on the time he reconfigured a calculator into a keypad lock for his bedroom door as a teenager. Mom was not amused.