Matt Hultgren Talks Navigating Changing World of TV Analytics

Original Publication: Martech Tell us about your role and the team/technology you handle at Marketing Architects. I lead the analytics team at Marketing Architects, and it’s my responsibilit...

Big Wins with Small Budgets on Game Day

With performance-based TV advertising, even modest budgets can score big results.

This President's Day, Get the Most From Your Benjamins.

When does a holiday advertising blitz make sense for your brand?

Meet Annika: AI TV Media Buying

An AI-driven programmatic approach nets TV advertisers far greater reach—and more profitable opportu...

Reality Check: TV By the Numbers

As marketers, we’re wary of marketing messages. As each new player in the media game enters the cour...

What is Programmatic TV and Will You Like It?

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, television has transformed leaps and bounds. Until ...

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