3 Reasons to Consider TV for Your B2B Brand

TV advertising for B2B brands faces its share of naysayers. Thought to be overly expensive, broad, and impractical for a brand appealing primarily to business leaders and decision-makers, TV...

CarParts.com Delivers to America Through Rapid Response TV

E-commerce auto parts retailer launches national TV campaign fast with Marketing Architects.

Nuts.com Responds to Demand for Delivery with National TV Advertising

Pantry brand develops and launches TV campaign in one week by partnering with Marketing Architects.

Quick Chronicles— Stories from Rapid Response TV: 1-800-HANSONS

After weeks of high-speed business challenges and change due to COVID-19, there is one trend we can ...

Quick Chronicles— Stories from Rapid Response TV: Bosley

When COVID-19 hit the United States, our partner Bosley, The World’s Most Experienced Hair Restorati...

Quick Chronicles— Stories from Rapid Response TV: Filters Fast

COVID-19 demands have created a temporary chink in Amazon’s armor, and some DTC brands are taking no...

Love Your Melon brand launches national TV ad campaign

Love Your Melon Brand Launches National TV Ad Campaign

Marin Suska returns to Marketing Architects in VP of Client Growth role

Suska brings her digital marketing and business strategy expertise to Marketing Architects’ Client G...

Shopkick launches television advertising campaign with Minneapolis-based agency Marketing Architects

MINNEAPOLIS (October 1, 2019) – Shopkick, a leading shopping rewards app, makes its national televis...

Simple Habit partners with Marketing Architects for debut into national television

5-minute meditation app for busy people launches its first national TV campaign.  

TV advertising agency Marketing Architects hires Ron Blevins as VP of Media

Blevins brings experience and expertise to expand Marketing Architects’ media platform

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