Big tech's assault on our memory, and why your brand should care

Digital memory has become increasingly abundant in our modern world, and increased reliance on digital memory has had an inverse effect on our own ability to remember.

More people watch TV ads with their ears than eyes.

Originally published by MediaPost. 

The most expensive thing about producing a TV commercial is producing the WRONG TV commercial.

What’s the most expensive thing on the set of a TV shoot? Is it the kitchen they built in a 10,000-s...

Touch of Modern launches TV campaign

  Touch of Modern Partners with Marketing Architects to Launch New National TV Campaign

Brand + performance marketing: better together.

Socks and shoes. Cookies and milk. Movies and popcorn. Some things just work better in pairs. For co...

How ESP can improve your TV campaign

Agencies and corporations no longer build brands—consumers do. Anyone who doubts this need only spen...

Boost marketing with storytelling

For memorability and emotional connections, nothing beats a good story.

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