Big tech's assault on our memory, and why your brand should care

Digital memory has become increasingly abundant in our modern world, and increased reliance on digital memory has had an inverse effect on our own ability to remember.

Conversion 101: solving a common, costly problem

We define Conversion as the process of turning a prospect into a customer. You probably already knew...

6 digital tools that will transform direct-to-consumer brands

Straight talk to help the CMO make smart tech choices and invest wisely. Technology’s role in the ma...

Engaging millennials with TV advertising

We know what can happen when a company tries to market to millennials and misses the mark. Awkward a...

How AI chatbots are changing TV advertising

Robots aren’t here for your job – they are here to make you better at your job. That’s the conclusio...

A love story: direct response + mobile

Once, long ago, there was a highly effective marketing method that consistently delivered—it was cal...

Meet Abbot. The future of TV conversion.

We know that when direct response marketing (DRM) integrates with digital engagement it gives a lift...

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