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When you think about it, Goldilocks was pretty fickle for a thief. Even as she sampled porridge, tested chairs and crawled into beds, she was full of complaints: Too hot! Too cold! Too hard! Too soft! I suppose Goldilocks was just out for a leisurely woodland stroll – she didn’t have quarterly sales goals or KPIs to prove. You may not be so lucky.

Don’t be a Goldilocks. There’s no reason to turn up your nose at any part of the sales cycle. Yes, there are times when you focus on filling the funnel or times when you worry about the end game, but there’s no reason you can’t employ strategies that address every bowl of porridge. Here are some ideas to engage the customer at every level of interest.

Too cold?

A cold lead is just someone who hasn’t met you yet. So you need exposure: video, radio, native content, social media. It all costs money – so make the most of your investment. Here’s how:

  • Don’t skimp on creative. Create thoughtful content, insist on professional production and stay on brand. Wasting your media budget on ill-conceived or sloppy creative is, well… wasteful. Best-case scenario: your media partner provides killer creative as a value-added service. Oh wait, that never happens… except when it does! You can talk to someone about that.
  • Now that you’ve got your great campaign ready to roll, it’s time to place it. But media buying is complicated. Too cold! Relax – there are people who can help you with that too. They not only know the ropes and have the connections, they can locate and invest in the placements that give you the best ROI.

Warm leads – just right?

Here’s where the Goldilocks metaphor falls apart. Warm leads are great, but they still need to be nurtured. Actually, the word nurture perfectly describes the process of bringing a cold lead in: creating a comfortable, friendly experience so that the customer is open to hearing what you have to say. These days, engaging the customer in conversation is a must. Here are a few thoughts on that:

  • Meet them where they are. People are most comfortable in their own environment – and with mobile, that environment goes everywhere with them. People spend up to an average of four hours a day on their phones. So, always think mobile.
  • Driving people to SMS for nurturing keeps a conversation going – and it offers the simplest, most seamless user experience. Our autonomous buying bot, Abbot™, is always available to chat up your customers. You provide the messaging, our team will provide the chat-bot expertise, and we’ll ensure that your customers will enjoy intelligent conversation that is crafted to gently warm them up to your unique selling proposition.

Too hot! Really?

This is, of course, hard to imagine. When it comes to a hot lead, the silliest mistake you can make is to leave the customer out in the cold. It seems obvious, but it happens all the time under the guise of poorly executed advertising. For example:

  • A TV spot with an amazing narrative… but wait, what was that an ad for?
  • A website with no visible phone number
  • A video with no link to learn more

When you leave a hot lead at a dead end, you not only miss an opportunity to convert, you may frustrate the customer and actually offer up a negative experience. Provide clear, actionable and obvious next steps and remove every barrier to purchase that you can.

Just think, if Goldilocks hadn’t been so picky, she could have had three bowls of porridge instead of one. And that’s a good thing, if by porridge you mean revenue.

To talk to Marketing Architects about automating conversion at every point in the sales cycle, call us at 800-700-7726.
Stephanie Leapaldt

By Stephanie Leapaldt

VP Client Services

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