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4 Reasons You NEED Social Media in Your 2015 Holiday DR Campaign

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Every successful business owner knows that the holiday season can be one of the most lucrative times of the year—that is, if you have a well-thought out marketing strategy in place. While building a campaign that offers your customers a seamless user experience (from product discovery to purchase) should be your No. 1 goal, it’s the steps you take along the way that will determine just how profitable your business will be.

So let’s talk about how using social media’s going to make a difference in your DR marketing campaign this holiday season.

More than 40 percent of U.S. consumers in the Harris Poll 2015 Holiday Research Study say that social media is somewhat/very helpful in making holiday shopping decisions, while 56 percent expect retailers to use past purchase and behavioral data to make their in-store or online shopping more convenient. This means people are not only looking to Facebook, Twitter, etc., for holiday shopping ideas and insights, but they are also expecting businesses to make their shopping experience easier for them. And this is where social media comes into play.

Best-selling digital leadership author and keynote speaker Erik Qualman stated in his video series #Socialnomics 2014 that 93 percent of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media. This goes to show just how valuable social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram can be when effectively integrated into omni-channel marketing campaigns, especially during the holiday season. When leveraged effectively, social media will:

Establish Product Credibility 
As you probably already know, building credibility is critical to the success of your product. Your goal should be to get people talking positively about your product and your company online. The sooner you gain social proof—get people to start endorsing your product through positive comments on your Facebook page, giving testimonials using product hashtags, snapping product photos on Instagram, etc.—the sooner more people will start believing in your product.

From there, you can incorporate social proof into your product website to give more visibility to what your customers are saying about your product, furthering its credibility. According to Erik Qualman, 90 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations. Social proof really is a powerful thing.

Serve as a Great Customer Service Pipeline
Social media platforms are some of the best places to gather customer feedback on products. Customers not only want to be included in product conversations about what’s working and what not, they demand it. Social listening—or paying attention to what your social media audiences are saying—will ultimately help you refine your product so that you can offer existing and potential customers what they truly want this Christmas

Offer Very Accurate Targeting
Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest tend to have the best targeting abilities when it comes to digital media buying. While TV stations can provide information about the demographics they reach, platforms like Facebook allow you to provide granular details about the audiences you’d like to put your product in front of, which can make targeting easier and more efficient.

Bolsters Offline Media Channels
It’s key that all of the media channels you’re leveraging in your DR campaign work with each other, including social media. Cross-channel promotion provides customers multiple ways to be exposed to and interact with your product. More importantly, social media grants businesses perpetual access to customer insight, giving you a better understanding of how you can effectively talk to your target audiences through all channels.

It’s time to start taking advantage of social media in your DR marketing campaign this holiday shopping season. With more than 17 years of direct response marketing experience in every industry, Marketing Architects has the knowledge to help you leverage your social media platforms to their full potential. Call Check out our free report below and learn how you can leverage offline media to drive online sales. 

Chuck Hengel

By Chuck Hengel

Founder & CEO

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