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Touch of Modern Launches TV Campaign

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Touch of Modern Partners with Marketing Architects to Launch New National TV Campaign

Ad campaign invites men to replace the ordinary with the extraordinary.


MINNEAPOLIS -- [BUSINESS WIRE] Men with the means to live an aspired life rarely have time to shop for it. That’s why Touch of Modern provides a shopping experience for busy professionals unwilling to settle for ordinary. Partnering with Marketing Architects, the Minneapolis-based advertising agency, Touch of Modern has just launched a new national TV ad campaign with a spot called, “All it Takes is a Touch.

The spot follows one man’s journey as he uses the Touch of Modern app to replace mundane objects with exceptional products that allow him to live the way he wants. Shot primarily in Seattle, the spot uses the app to bring products to life and transition between scenes.

“Our customers already live an aspired life,” said Jerry Hum, CEO/Co-Founder at Touch of Modern. “What they don’t have is time. So, we curate products from around the globe to bring them something new every day.”

Marketing Architects continues as the broadcast advertising partner for the brand. In collaboration with Touch of Modern, they crafted the campaign strategy then wrote and produced the TV commercial.

“As we worked together to uncover a new creative direction for the brand, we kept coming back to a single enduring idea,” said Ben Fruehauf, Vice President Creative Director at Marketing Architects. “All it takes is a touch to live the way you want in a world you create.”

About Touch of Modern

Touch of Modern is the leading e-commerce app for men to discover cutting-edge products. Catering to male millennial tastemakers, Touch of Modern focuses on offering unique and new-to-market products not easily found at traditional retailers, with more than 250+ new items added daily. Touch of Modern was named one of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in America by the Inc. 5000 for two consecutive years, and its founders were awarded the "Forbes 30 Under 30" in 2016. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, the company is generating more than $140M in annual revenue with over 17M users. For more information, visit

About Marketing Architects

Marketing Architects is a customer acquisition agency delivering bottom-line results to top-shelf brands through responsive TV and radio advertising. Based in Minneapolis, they celebrated their 20th anniversary last year. With award-winning creative, media and analytics platforms combined under one roof, their clients receive breakthrough campaigns proven to funnel and convert customers with staggering efficiency. For more information about Marketing Architects, visit

Marketing Architects is a registered trademark of Marketing Architects, Inc.


Marketing Architects
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Rob DeMars
Rob DeMars
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